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Opinion | US trade policy towards China is dangerously incoherent

From this perspective, the US sees itself as the victim of others’ transgressions. Japan was the culprit in the 1980s. Now it’s China. US leaders also blame the World Trade Organization, which they have effectively neutered by blocking appointments to its Appellate Body for the past five years. Blame is about politics, not economics. Students […]

Opinion | There’s a Reason Most People Aren’t Following the New York Trump Trial

Christopher Hitchens once described participation in the absurd debate over who actually wrote Shakespeare’s plays as “an unfailing sign of advanced intellectual and mental prostration.” It would be unsporting to apply this characterization of literary conspiracy theorists to the enthusiastic followers of Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York, but only, I think, because the […]

Opinion | In Florida, Democrats Hope Abortion Will Revive Their Fortunes

On the Miami River recently, a parade of gleaming white pleasure boats cruised through the city. Half-naked revelers basked on their decks, swaying to Taylor Swift anthems and waving bottles of champagne as they floated by. A few yards away, in the windowless conference room of an aging Hyatt hotel, a group of Florida Democrats […]

UK election 2024: Rishi Sunak proposes tax cuts for pensioners in new pledge

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday proposed tax cuts for millions of pensioners in his latest campaign pledge, highlighting the importance of older voters in the coming July election. Sunak’s Conservative Party said it would introduce a new age-related allowance and deliver a tax cut of around £100 (US$128) for each of 8 million […]

Teamsters Struggle to Unionize Amazon and FedEx Delivery Workers

Last year, two unions representing workers at three large automakers and UPS negotiated new labor contracts that included big raises and other gains. Leaders of the unions — the United Automobile Workers and the Teamsters — hoped the wins would help them organize workers across their industry. The U.A.W. won one vote to unionize a […]

Egypt soldier killed in clash with Israel forces at Gaza’s Rafah border

Two Egyptian security sources told Reuters that an Egyptian soldier stationed on a watchtower had reacted to seeing an armoured vehicle carrying Israeli troops cross a boundary line near the border while the soldiers pursued and killed several Palestinians. The border fence between the Gaza Strip and Egypt in Rafah, southern Gaza. Photo: EPA-EFE The […]

Want to Succeed as an Artist? We’ve Got a Coach For You.

The idea is simple: Artists upload high-resolution images of their work. A fulfillment center prints and ships editions direct to consumers, at different sizes, on materials that range from wall-mounted canvas and acrylic panels to yoga mats and tank tops. A.I.-powered statistical analysis tracks your potential buyers; a marketing calendar maps your social media strategy. […]

As US remembers its fallen soldiers, Donald Trump calls opponents ‘human scum’

Donald Trump launched another vicious attack on his political opponents, choosing the Memorial Day holiday – when the United States marks its fallen soldiers – to dismiss his adversaries as “human scum”. As Americans honoured their troops who have died in conflict with visits to cemeteries and backyard cookouts with family and friends, the Republican […]


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