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In Georgia, LGBTQ community fears Russia-style crackdown in ‘existential fight’

On Tuesday, the ruling Georgian Dream party outlined a package of laws that would ban what it calls “LGBT propaganda”, mirroring similar legislation used to crack down on gay rights in Russia and, more recently, Hungary. 04:49 Russia labels ‘LGBTQ movement’ as ‘extremist’ Russia labels ‘LGBTQ movement’ as ‘extremist’ Billed as “protecting family values and […]

Opinion | As US dollar dominance persists, what if the centre cannot hold?

Where will this vicious circle end? Maybe in currency crises if major US trading partners such as Japan continue to spend their official reserves on trying to restrain their currencies from falling so far against the dollar as to threaten the danger of imported inflation. Japan has spent a record near ¥10 trillion (US$64.15 billion) […]

European Union elections: Slovaks, others vote under shadow of an assassination attempt

Voters in Slovakia, Italy and other European Union nations are casting their ballots Saturday on the third day of elections for the European Parliament, with populist and far-right parties looking to make gains across the 27-member bloc. In Slovakia, the election was overshadowed by an attempt to assassinate populist Prime Minister Robert Fico on May […]

ECB Divergence From Fed Would Fuel Inflation, Holzmann Says

Yahoo Finance Video How Gen Z may be skewing the employment data Hiring stayed hot in May. The US added 272,000 jobs last month versus the estimated 180,000. The unemployment rate ticked higher to 4.0%, but average hourly earnings rose more than expected. So what does this mean for the Federal Reserve? Deutsche Bank Securities […]

Opinion | This Glorious Celebration Shows What Border Communities Can Be

The sky was muddy gray when I arrived at the Sams Memorial Stadium parking lot on a cool February afternoon. As soon as I parked, a school police officer appeared in a golf cart to rush me to the front of the parade line. I clambered aboard, one hand holding my large white Mexican sombrero […]

Exclusive-Walmart opposes NY plan to add panic buttons to stores

By Siddharth Cavale BENTONVILLE, Arkansas (Reuters) -Retail giant Walmart says it is against putting panic buttons in stores – a move that the New York legislature wants to require under a new law aimed at keeping retail workers safe. On Friday, the New York State Senate passed legislation that would make most big retail chains, […]


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