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Trump fans celebrate, Biden faithful in despair over US presidential debate: ‘really sad’

Trump’s many invectives and sarcasm targeting the Democratic president were met with laughter and shouts of approval, while Biden’s every hesitation and throat-clearing was a moment of triumph for most, but not for 80-year-old Hazel Reitz.

“I can’t understand a word that he says,” she blurts out to her neighbour.

“I know, it’s really sad,” replied Adina Erridge.

The two women had met only moments earlier after spotting each other’s reactions, which sharply contrasted the rest of the conservative audience.

“Oh my God!” lamented Erridge, as Reitz shook her head as former president Trump defended his actions during the storming of the Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.

A Donald Trump supporter attends a watch party for the first debate of the 2024 presidential elections between US President Joe Biden and former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Miami. Photo: AFP

The two women, who will unenthusiastically be voting for Biden, came to the pub with their husbands, both doubtful Republicans.

Before the debate began, Reitz hoped the exchanges between the two politicians would be “entertaining”, but an hour later, she was downcast. “Biden is too old,” she lamented.

“Trump is not answering the questions, which is very Trump-like. He may not be truthful in what he’s saying. But at least he’s articulate,” agreed 55-year-old Erridge. “Unfortunately, Trump is winning.”

At the Continental Club, a bar in downtown Los Angeles, the frustration of a largely Democratic audience was also palpable.

But Mike McFarland refused to admit his candidate’s defeat.

“You have to determine what’s more important to you, optics or facts. I’m big on the facts, so I’m still like Biden won the debate,” he declared.

He came to watch the debate on a first date with Denise Hernandez, a fervent Trump supporter.

“We agree to disagree,” they joked.

At San Francisco’s The Kezar Pub, silence descends when the candidates are asked about the opioid crisis.

Fentanyl has wreaked havoc in a city where highly-paid Silicon Valley employees rub shoulders on a daily basis with a surging homeless population.

“Fentanyl and the by-products of fentanyl went down for a while,” said Biden.

“Not here!” retorted a woman watching the debate.

Republican supporters were revelling in sharing public space around politics in San Francisco.

Trump bagged nine per cent of the vote here in 2016, and nearly 13 per cent in 2020.

“Did Trump win?” asked a beaming John Dennis, the party chairman for the Californian city.

“I was afraid Trump would be too aggressive from the start, but he did very well,” he said.

“You just have to give someone enough rope to hang themselves, and that’s what Trump did with Biden”.

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Curabitur vel gravida neque. Sed non imperdiet elit. Maecenas in pretium dolor, sit amet rutrum.


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