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What Trump 2.0 Could Mean for the Federal Reserve

Former President Donald J. Trump relentlessly criticized the Federal Reserve and Jerome H. Powell, its chair, during his time in office. As he competes with President Biden for a second presidential term, that history has many on Wall Street wondering: What would a Trump victory mean for America’s central bank? The Trump campaign does not […]

Opinion | Reader Advice for Biden’s Re-election Campaign

The results of the latest New York Times/Siena College polls showing Donald Trump leading President Biden in five crucial battleground states were bad news to many Democrats. There’s still time for Mr. Biden to win back some swing voters, but a lot of his supporters are wondering the same thing: How? “People wanted things to […]

Opinion | A Giant Crater in Siberia Is Belching Up Russia’s Past

As the world warms, permafrost is thawing across two-thirds of Russia, threatening cities and towns that were constructed to house miners sent to dig up a subterranean trove of oil, gas, gold and diamonds. Even the roads are buckling, cracking and collapsing, as if in a slow-motion earthquake. And outside a small town called Batagay, […]

Opinion | The ‘Trump-Oprah’ Voter

I believe that nearly a decade since his first campaign, Mr. Trump retains the sort of shield that only celebrity can provide. It is too easy to forget that before Trump the politician came Trump the businessman, the entertainer, the tabloid fixture. After all, though he is now a former president and current front-runner to […]

Opinion | The Death of Iran’s President Could Change the World

The uncertainty ushered in by the death of Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi, in a helicopter crash, just weeks after an unprecedented exchange of military attacks with Israel, has brought a chilling question to mind: Is 2024 the year that Iran finally decides it can no longer take chances with its security and races to build […]

Opinion | How Trump’s Hush-Money Case Failed to Capture America’s Imagination

If I’d pictured Donald Trump’s first criminal trial a few years ago, I’d have imagined the biggest, splashiest story in the world. Instead, as we lurch toward a verdict that could brand the presumptive Republican nominee a felon and possibly even send him to prison, a strange sense of anticlimax hangs over the whole affair. […]

Businesses in D.C. Blame the Government for the District’s Empty Offices

Kostas Fostieris grew wistful as he remembered the workday crowds that once flocked to Greek Deli & Catering, a small restaurant a few blocks from the White House that he has operated for 35 years. At lunch, the line would stretch down the block, Mr. Fostieris said. But then the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation, […]

‘Selling the Hamptons’: Real Estate Drama on Long Island

Like the Hamptons itself, where white-sand beaches and white-glove service await those with enough equity each summer, the reality TV show “Selling the Hamptons” is an escape and an indulgence. Now in its second season on Max, the streaming service formerly known as HBO, the show follows the cast in the storied vacationland of moneyed […]

Why Gen Z College Students Are Seeking Tech and Finance Jobs

At Harvard, a graduating senior, who passed on a full scholarship to another school, told me that he felt immense pressure to show his parents that their $400,000 investment in his Harvard education would allow him to get the sort of job where he could make a million dollars a year. Upon graduation, he will […]


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