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Northeastern US to Swelter in First Heat Wave of the Season

(Bloomberg) — The season’s first potent heat wave stretching from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean is set to raise electricity demand and slow transportation networks while threatening health risks. Most Read from Bloomberg Manhattan is set to reach 91F (33C) on Tuesday and steadily get hotter through the week with humidity making it […]

Thousands Protest in France to Oppose Le Pen’s Far Right

(Bloomberg) — Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across France Saturday to oppose Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally, which is predicted to finish first in the upcoming snap legislative election called by President Emmanuel Macron. Most Read from Bloomberg The demonstrators are seeking to call attention to the nationalist party’s policies […]

Apple Has $230 Billion Week on Bet AI IPhones Are Must-Haves

(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. investors finally have a roadmap for how it will use artificial intelligence — and they’ve responded by pushing the stock to a record high this week. Most Read from Bloomberg Wall Street is betting that new iPhone AI features — including Apple’s agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT — will spur […]

Florida Flooding Emergency Worsens as Thunderstorms Line Up

(Bloomberg) — Florida is being swept by a line of thunderstorms set to crash down on Miami, as heavy rain that already has brought Fort Lauderdale its rainiest June day ever wrings out across southern Florida and is likely to push losses over $1 billion. Most Read from Bloomberg The thunderstorms dropped 3 inches (7.62 […]

JPMorgan to Wager on Weight-Loss Boom With $500 Million Fund

(Bloomberg) — JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s asset-management arm raised more than $500 million for a biotech venture-capital fund that will bet on the hottest corner of health care: weight-loss drugs. Most Read from Bloomberg The fund closed this month, and “the top three choices are obesity, obesity and obesity,” Steve Squinto, the chief investment officer […]

Traumatized US Neighbors Gird for Possible Trump Second Term

(Bloomberg) — Late last year, President Joe Biden’s administration was facing a border problem – and it wasn’t just on America’s frontier with Mexico. Most Read from Bloomberg Thousands of Mexican citizens were taking advantage of visa-free travel to fly to Canada and then try to cross into the US by heading south. Canadian Prime […]

Sunak Seeks to Turn Tide on Labour With Tax-Cutting Offer

(Bloomberg) — Prime Minister Rishi Sunak put tax cuts at the center of the Conservative election manifesto as he sought to forge a dividing line with the Labour opposition and turn around his party’s fortunes in national polls ahead of the July 4 general election. Most Read from Bloomberg The core policy pursued by the […]

Euro Slumps as European Politics Raises Market Uncertainty

(Bloomberg) — Heightened political uncertainty in Europe is piling pressure on the euro. Most Read from Bloomberg The common currency slid to its lowest in a month against the dollar after French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were trounced by far right parties in European elections Sunday. With the results leading the […]

ECB Divergence From Fed Would Fuel Inflation, Holzmann Says

Yahoo Finance Video How Gen Z may be skewing the employment data Hiring stayed hot in May. The US added 272,000 jobs last month versus the estimated 180,000. The unemployment rate ticked higher to 4.0%, but average hourly earnings rose more than expected. So what does this mean for the Federal Reserve? Deutsche Bank Securities […]

Labour Plans Mortgage Guarantees to Help First-Time Buyers

(Bloomberg) — Keir Starmer’s Labour Party plans to provide mortgage guarantees to first-time buyers in a bid to help young Britons get onto the housing ladder if it wins next month’s general election. Most Read from Bloomberg Under Labour’s proposals, the state will act as a guarantor for prospective owners unable to save for a […]


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