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Hezbollah has offer from thousands of Iran-backed fighters to go to Lebanon to battle Israel

Israeli officials have threatened a military offensive in Lebanon if there is no negotiated end to push Hezbollah away from the border. Over the past decade, Iran-backed fighters from Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan fought together in Syria’s 13-year conflict, helping tip the balance in favour of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Officials from Iran-backed groups […]

Is war between Israel and Hezbollah imminent? Risky tit-for-tat leaves region on edge

But US envoy Amos Hochstein was widely reported to have conveyed an Israeli ultimatum to Nabih Berri, the speaker of Lebanon’s parliament and a political ally of Hezbollah, when they met in Beirut on Tuesday. Parallel to his visit, Israel’s military announced on Tuesday that “operational plans for an offensive in Lebanon” had been approved […]

Israel says Lebanon offensive plan ‘approved’ as tensions with Hezbollah surge

It came after Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz threatened Hezbollah’s destruction in a “total war”. A crater at a house that was hit by a Hezbollah rocket, in Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel. Photo: AFP The latest warnings came after Israel announced at the weekend a daily “pause” of military activity in Gaza’s southernmost city […]

As war in Gaza rages, Israel nears decision on Lebanon border offensive

“We are prepared after a very good process of training up to the level of a General Staff exercise to move to an offensive in the north,” he said in a recorded statement. “We are approaching a decision point.” Members of a kibbutz recruited as reservists train amid hostilities between Hezbollah and Israeli forces, in […]

Nikki Haley writes ‘finish them’ on an Israeli shell

Former US presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has been photographed writing “Finish Them” on an Israeli shell as she toured sites near the northern border with Lebanon. The photograph was posted on X on Tuesday by Danny Danon, a member of the Israeli parliament and former ambassador to the United Nations, who was accompanying Haley on […]


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