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India boosts defense ties with Bangladesh as it tries to become a counterweight to China

NEW DELHI (AP) — India and Bangladesh on Saturday moved to bolster their defense relationship and signed agreements for expanding cooperation in maritime security, ocean economy, space, and telecommunication sectors, as New Delhi tries to present itself as a regional power and a counterweight to China. The agreements were signed during Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh […]

Indians ship Modi-Meloni make-believe romance as G7 video goes viral

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Italy for the G7 summit, it was not diplomatic meetings that dominated headlines back in India – but the relationship with his Italian counterpart. “Hello from the ‘Melodi’ team”, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in a video posted to social media on Saturday, waving next to her fellow […]

Opinion | How Brics chair Russia will deepen cooperation in expanded bloc

Tectonic shifts are leading to the emergence of a more just multipolar world order. The unipolar model, which for centuries served the interests of the so-called “collective West” and fuelled their excessive consumption at the expense of other nations, is receding. New centres of power are rising in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle […]

China Risks Trade War on Two Fronts as Low-Tech Exports Soar, Too

(Bloomberg) — China’s export boom goes far beyond the high-tech industries that are in Western crosshairs, leaving Beijing at risk of a backlash from countries that have so far preferred to sit on the trade-war sidelines. Most Read from Bloomberg The European Union is poised to slap tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles this week, the […]


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