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Netflix sued in U$170 million Baby Reindeer defamation lawsuit

Netflix was sued on Thursday for at least US$170 million by a Scottish woman who said she was defamed over her portrayal as a stalker in the hit miniseries Baby Reindeer. The plaintiff Fiona Harvey has publicly claimed to be the inspiration behind the character Martha, played by actress Jessica Gunning, who shares a physical […]

ByteDance hires new global general counsel as TikTok fights US ‘divest-or-ban’ order

Beijing-based ByteDance has argued the law violates the First Amendment. US lawmakers, meanwhile, say the company’s ties to China make TikTok a security risk to American users. “Building upon the strong foundation of our global legal team, I know John is eager to hit the ground running during this important time for the company.” Rogovin […]


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