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Opinion | ESG investing: a waste of climate finance?

“Global investors are turning their backs on sustainably focused stock funds as poor performance, scandals and attacks from US Republicans hit enthusiasm for a much-hyped sector that has pulled in trillions of dollars of assets,” the FT report said. ESG is not so much an investment bubble as a mirage, one so powerful that, by […]

Why is a Gaza truce deal eluding Israel and Hamas? Here are the main sticking points

But he said Hamas had requested “numerous” changes, adding that “some of the changes are workable; some are not”. Blinken declined to elaborate, but recent statements by Israeli and Hamas officials suggest they remain divided over many of the same issues that mediators have been trying to bridge for months. Here’s a look at the […]

Israel-Gaza war: US military says first aid shipment delivered via floating pier

The operation’s success also remains tenuous due to the risk of militant attack, logistical hurdles and a growing shortage of fuel for the trucks to run due to the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip since Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel that killed 1,200 people and took 250 others hostage. Humanitarian aid being loaded […]


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