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US-bound migrants wilt under extreme heat: ‘the sun is too strong’

In the Mexican desert near the US border, security forces are on alert after a man was found dead from heatstroke on the journey to what he hoped would be a better life in North America. The 45-year-old Mexican man’s body was found buried among sand and bushes under the merciless sun, a week after […]

Russia obliterates frontline Ukraine towns with retrofitted glide bombs

The Soviet-era bombs are adapted on the cheap with imported electronics that allow distant Russian warplanes to launch them at Ukraine. Store manager Oleksandr Lutsenko inside the Epicenter shopping complex in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo: AP Other cities that have been devastated by the weapons include Avdiivka, Chasiv Yar and Vovchansk, and Russia has nearly unlimited […]

Armenia to leave Russia-led security alliance, PM says, as rift with Moscow deepens

Armenia will leave a Russia-led security bloc, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan confirmed for the first time, accusing members of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation of having planned a war against his country with Azerbaijan. Pashinyan, who has tried to cultivate closer ties with the United States and European Union, said in March that Armenia, traditionally […]

Why is a Gaza truce deal eluding Israel and Hamas? Here are the main sticking points

But he said Hamas had requested “numerous” changes, adding that “some of the changes are workable; some are not”. Blinken declined to elaborate, but recent statements by Israeli and Hamas officials suggest they remain divided over many of the same issues that mediators have been trying to bridge for months. Here’s a look at the […]

Opinion | As US dollar dominance persists, what if the centre cannot hold?

Where will this vicious circle end? Maybe in currency crises if major US trading partners such as Japan continue to spend their official reserves on trying to restrain their currencies from falling so far against the dollar as to threaten the danger of imported inflation. Japan has spent a record near ¥10 trillion (US$64.15 billion) […]

Opinion | How Brics chair Russia will deepen cooperation in expanded bloc

Tectonic shifts are leading to the emergence of a more just multipolar world order. The unipolar model, which for centuries served the interests of the so-called “collective West” and fuelled their excessive consumption at the expense of other nations, is receding. New centres of power are rising in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle […]

US vies to reset Cambodia ties with Pentagon chief’s visit to China ally

Visiting US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said he had a productive day of meetings with Cambodia’s leaders on Tuesday, which included substantive conversations on ways to strengthen defence relations between the two countries. Austin made the remarks on social media platform X. He met Cambodian counterpart Tea Seiha, Prime Minister Hun Manet, and the leader’s […]

Opinion | Is Europe seeking to accelerate its move away from US influence?

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, said at the Munich Security Conference in February that accusations of double standards against the West “is something that we need to address, and not only with nice words”. By choosing to recognise a Palestinian state, Ireland, Norway and Spain have gone […]


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