‘Dear Nordstrom, NEVER AGAIN!’ Scott Baio shows photo of 30k on wife’s account with message to retailer

Trump supporters put their money where their mouths are.

Actor Scott Baio is boycotting Nordstrom after the retail giant made the huge mistake of abruptly dropping Ivanka Trump‘s clothing line.

“Dear Nordstrom, NEVER AGAIN!” Baio tweeted along with a photo of his wife Renee’s Nordstrom account, which showed she spent over $30,000 at the department store last year.

Earlier this month, Nordstrom said it will no longer carry Ivanka’s clothing, shoes and accessories, citing poor sales.

But the curious timing of the move — which came shortly after President Trump announced his temporary travel ban — has fueled speculation that Nordstrom caved into pressure from anti-Trump protesters, who threatened to boycott the store.

Trump supporters applauded Scott Baio’s decision, saying they won’t shop at a store that would try to damage President Trump by lashing out at his daughter.





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